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Éforus, Gimenez Ganga’s latest folding shutter

Giménez Ganga is proud to present Éforus, the new, aluminium folding shutter that has been designed for maximal strength on all types of façades.

Éforus consists of a framed system with a coplanar design that allows the installation of both fixed and movable slats, which is very useful for users who want to control light levels in the room as effectively as possible.

The prominence of its straight lines and the wide variety of colours in which it can be manufactured will give personality, elegance, and exclusivity to any type of façade on which it is installed.










Thanks to its manufacture being subject to the strictest quality standards, it provides the window with optimum protection from the sun’s rays, reduces the energy consumption of air conditioning systems in the hottest months of the year and acts as a highly effective barrier against the effects of the wind.

The aluminium and powder coating used in the production of this shutter have passed the most thorough tests prepared by our material analysis laboratory, ensuring a long life with minimal maintenance.

Thanks to the possibility of choosing different configurations, it can be manufactured in up to four-panel systems, with fixed and movable slats that can be combined to adapt to the needs of each user. Its maximum production dimensions are 3.40 metres wide by 2.40 metres high.

In the words of Pedro Giménez Barceló, head of the company, “we believe that this system, which is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, will be very well received by the market. We have put all the knowledge of more than 60 years of work into it and we are convinced that it will delight both our customers and our customers’ customers”.

A system that was 100% developed by Giménez Ganga’s Technical Department, a department which you can learn more about by clicking here and finding out product details on our website.