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Customers from Granada visit the Giménez Ganga headquarters

A group of customers from Granada visited the Giménez Ganga facilities in Sax on 29 February, a visit arranged by our colleagues from the Granada production center.

A large number of customers from Granada enjoyed a guided visit of the Giménez Ganga facilities in Sax.

The purpose of the visit was to see how some of our products in a number of our ranges were manufactured and assembled.

They saw the PVC extrusion plant and how the aluminium profiles and boxes were produced. They algo saw at first hand many of the processes involved in the manufactured of Saxun stores and curtains as well as awnings.

Clientes de Granada Granada's Customers Clients de Granada

Giménez Ganga is committed to offering customers a quality product and service, so we are particularly concerned that they have an understanding of our know-how and response times and appreciate the investment we have made to meet any specific requirement that they may have.

The visitors appreciated the human and technological potential of Giménez Ganga, strengthening the confidence they in our brand.

Clientes de Granada Granada's Customers Clients de Granada

They were able to verify the immediate future of the company by visiting the various production facilities currently in the process of production and then enjoyed a meal at Hotel Fuente el Cura before setting off on their return to Granada.