Window and Door Shutters

Giménez Ganga’s window and door shutters will endow your façade with great beauty and class. They allow you to control the access of light into the room, promoting thermal and acoustic insulation.

As a locking element, they act as a security barrier against burglary, while at the same time preventing unwanted glances if desired.

Made of aluminium, the slats can also be made from PVC. Both are highly durable materials that offer high weather resistance and require little maintenance.

Folding and sliding window and door shutters; also with the possibility of being available with fixed or mobile slats, or even a combination of both.


Sun protection

All our slats act as a barrier against the action of solar radiation, protecting the occupants of the houses where they are installed. They offer total security in their use, since they are not damaged by UV rays.

Energy saving

They act as a thermal insulator, both against the entrance of the cold in winter, and the entrance of heat in summer, avoiding this transfer through the window. Thus contributing to the control of heat levels and reducing energy consumption.

Noise protection

Closures made by the window and door shutters considerably reduce ambient noise, especially in urban environments.

Multiple colours and finishes

The window and door shutters bring great aesthetic value to your home, whether it has an urban style, rustic style, etc. They give the building a sense of style and elegance, allowing architects and designers to enrich and enhance their projects with different shapes, materials and textures.


They also act as visual barriers, avoiding unwanted glances from the outside.

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