Windows are the most thermally sensitive point in any type of building. It is the place most prone to the entry of the cold in winter and the heat in summer. Therefore, it is the place where the most energy is wasted.

For this reason, the choice of a good blind is essential for any type of building, whether new construction or renovation. Thus, Giménez Ganga’s extensive experience in the manufacture of rolling shutters, allows us to offer a comprehensive catalogue to help meet all types of needs.

A complete range consisting of profiled aluminium, extruded aluminium and PVC slats with optimum performance, aesthetics and mechanics, as well as a great variety of boxes, with which to lessen energy wastage and offer solar protection.

PVC drawers such as Euroblock and Eurodecor, or the innovative range of profiled aluminium drawers, have superior acoustic and thermal insulation properties, thanks to an innovative design and top-quality materials.


Sun protection

All our slats protect against solar radiation.

They protect the occupants of the houses where they are installed, offering a total guarantee in their use, since they are not degraded by the action of UV rays.

Energy saving and sustainability

Giménez Ganga’s rolling shutters offer a solution to the overexpenditure of energy, preventing the unwanted transfer of cold or heat through your window.

Especially our wide range of profiled slats which, with expanded polyurethane interiors, offer higher insulation efficiency which will contribute to a reduction in household costs.

Noise protection

Our rolling shutters also offer protection against exterior environmental noise, thanks to the qualities of aluminium and PVC that make up all our slats, drawers, guides, etc., as well as the design of the other components that they possess.

Multiple colours and finishes

The wide range of models, sizes, colours and finishes in all our models of slats and drawers, allow us to offer a total guarantee solution, specific for each need.


The rolling shutters form a barrier against unwanted glances from the outside, increasing the quality of life of those inside.

But, as an option, you can also opt for the installation of microperforated or perforated slats, in order to let in light and air from the outside, and therefore be able to aerate your room.

A team available to the needs of our customers

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