Giménez Ganga offers you the most practical and low-cost system to enjoy the light, breeze and views without having to suffer because of annoying insects.

With our wide range of mosquito screens for doors and windows, you can protect your home whilst relying on the added bonus of exceptional quality and unrivalled value that defines our company.

Our carefully designed mosquito screens are practical in any and all cases as well as coming in an extensive range of colours and finishes. Additionally, our mosquito screens can adapt to various pre-existing woodwork, upholding any current aesthetic or decorative requirements.



The fabrics that make up our mosquito screens are manufactured to the most demanding specifications to ensure the highest quality of our mosquito screens. As such, we are able to offer a reliable barrier against the entry of any type of insect, and thus ensure your peace of mind and well-being.

Minimises pollen entry

The fabric from which they are made is totally consistent, where the woven mesh is completely uniform. Therefore, in addition to serving as a barrier against all types of insects, they also act as an anti-pollen screen, as they are designed to filter airborne pollen.

Adaptable to doors and windows

Giménez Ganga’s wide range of mosquito screens are specifically designed for their installation on doors or windows, making their use in either case easy and comfortable, with both vertical and horizontal methods of opening and without presenting any type of barrier to the continuous flow of air.

Multiple colours and finishes

Our wide range of colours and finishes make our mosquito screens suitable for all types of environments and decorative styles: a wide range from the RAL chart, as well as anodised, lacquered and foliated, to give elegance and style to your insect barrier.

A team available to the needs of our customers

Always close to you and willing to help