In today's architecture, the concepts of energy saving, sustainability and the greenhouse effect are of utmost importance and must be considered in any new project or remodelling. These requirements are closely linked to sun protection elements such as louvers.

Our louvers bring a high aesthetic value to the building through their different shapes and sizes, with movable or fixed slats, which can be manual or motorised. This way, Giménez Ganga offers a wide range of possibilities that allow us to comprehensively approach a tailor-made solution for each project.

For more information, our Technical Dossier offers you all the technical nomenclature, in detail, for fixed and mobile louvers.


Sun protection

All our slats act as a barrier against the effects of solar radiation, protecting the building’s occupants and offering total security in its use.

Being mobile and fixed, we can control the movement and separation between slats, thus controlling light entry and ventilation.

Energy saving and sustainability

Our louvers allow the reorientation of natural light, thereby reducing the use of artificial lighting, helping to control heat levels and reduce energy consumption.

This energy saving contributes to the concept of sustainability, fundamental aspects in current architecture, and which are promoted by bodies such as the Spain Green Building Council, of which Giménez Ganga is a member.

Multiple colours and finishes

Our louvers play a key role when it comes to façades, bringing a great aesthetic value to the building, allowing architects and designers to enrich and enhance their projects with different shapes, colours and finishes.

Noise protection

Installations of louver slats considerably reduce ambient noise, especially in urban environments, increasing the sense of well-being of the building’s occupants.


They act as a barrier against unwanted glances, while at the same time allowing the ventilation of the room when required, by varying the angle or separation between the slats in the case of fixed louvers, or by opening the slats in the case of mobile louvers.

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