Our ceiling covers are a different, aesthetic and practical resource for a multitude of spaces, allowing professional finishes thanks to the different models of slats and colours we offer.

Its lightness, its stylish and modern appearance, combined with ease of assembly and maintenance, offers a wide range of unique possibilities for installation indoors and outdoors.

Made from the highest quality profiled aluminium and PVC, they are ideal for giving personality to both homes and all types of businesses, office buildings, swimming pools, transport terminals, large commercial spaces, etc.


Multiple models and colours

Its aesthetic versatility allows it to be used in all types of spaces, as it is a simple design system which, thanks to its hidden partitioning, achieves a clean and uniform surface. The system of hidden supports facilitates installation directly to the bracket, or by means of traditional suspension systems.

Easy assembly

Ease of installation (and alignment), as well as disassembly of the slats, achieving easy access to the existing opening. Thus we offer a wide range of possibilities for your installation.

Noise protection

Our slat models absorb and reduce environmental noise, achieving good acoustic performance.


Any dirt on the slats is easy to remove by wiping with a soft, clean cloth. The stains can be removed using a mild detergent in warm water, the use of abrasive substances is not recommended so as to avoid damaging the surface of the slat.

A team available to the needs of our customers

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