Alicantina Shutters and Curtains

This is the most traditional solar protection system used to protect home interiors from the sun and the entry of insects. Our curtains guarantee maximum resistance to the passage of time thanks to the quality of their production.

Their design reflects our commitment to aesthetics with a variety of models in a multitude of colours and shapes to adapt to the most contemporary aesthetic requirements and meet every need.


Sun protection

Both the wood with which we manufacture our Alicantina Shutters, as well as the PVC or anodised aluminium of our curtains, perform their function as a barrier against the sun with excellent performance.


The shutters and curtains form a simple system that allows them to be used both outside and inside, giving individuality to the spaces in which they are installed.


With them, we prevent the entrance of external glances without having to close the window or door and, in turn, stop ventilating our home during the hottest times.

Multiple colours and finishes

Giménez Ganga’s wide range of curtains presents a multitude of colours and shapes, to easily adapt to the room’s colour spectrum upon installation. Installation is easy thanks to their low weight.

A team available to the needs of our customers

Always close to you and willing to help