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Rolling Shutters

In terms of insulation, windows are the most sensitive areas of any building. These are the areas where it is easiest for the cold to penetrate during the winter and the heat during the summer. Therefore these are the areas where most energy is wasted.

That is why choosing a good shutter is essential for any type of construction work, whether new build or home improvement. Giménez Ganga’s extensive experience in manufacturing rolling shutters enables us to offer an extensive catalogue that will meet all types of requirements.

We offer a complete range from profiled aluminium, extruded aluminium and top performance PVC slats, multiple aesthetic and mechanical options, as well as a great variety of boxes, to help you reduce energy flow and provide sun protection.

PVC boxes such as Euroblock and Eurodecor, or the new range of profiled aluminium boxes, offer higher acoustic and thermal insulation owing to our innovative design and top quality materials.



All our slats present an obstacle to solar radiation. They protect the occupants of the homes where they are installed, offering a total guarantee in use because they do not degrade when exposed to UV rays.


Giménez Ganga shutters reduce energy expenditure, preventing undesirable flows of cold or heat through your windows. Our extensive range of profiled slats, filled with expanded polyurethane, offer better insulation to help optimise home finances.


Our rolling shutters also offer protection against environmental noise from outside because of the properties of the aluminium and PVC we use to make our slats, boxes, guides, etc. as well as the design of the other components.


The wide range of models, sizes, colours and finishes in all our slats and boxes enable us to offer a fully guaranteed solution, tailor made to suit every need.


Shutters are a barrier against prying eyes, helping to increase the quality of life inside. But, as an option, you can also choose micro-perforated or perforated slats to allow the entry of light and air from outside and so provide ventilation for your room.