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Rolling Doors

Quality, strength and design. Giménez Ganga offers an extensive catalogue of slats for rolling doors for exterior closures, an ideal solution for residential use in single-family homes and chalets and in industrial garages and warehouses.

Rolling doors are manufactured in extruded or profiled aluminium. Aluminium provides high resistance to corrosion and rain, ensuring dimensional stability. The extrusion and lacquering process is certified with respect to environmental protection.



Our rolling door offer good protection against housebreaking. Aluminium slats and guides provide higher security by using self-locking systems such as intermediary bars.


All slats for Giménez Ganga rolling doors are available in an extensive range of finishes covering the full range of the RAL chart, lacquered or only anodised.
A large variety of slats offer appropriate solutions for specific requirements, with various sizes, features, etc.


Automatically controlled doors are equipped with manually operated systems so that if the electricity supply fails, the door can be opened by turning a handle. They can also be equipped with anti-lifting systems.


While our doors act as a closure, this does not prevent the entry of external light when necessary. Partial visibility can be achieved with slats that include transparent methacrylate panels or by using micro-perforated slats that also admit ventilation into the room.