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Ceiling covers

Our ceiling covering represents a different resource, aesthetic and practical for a multitude of spaces, enabling professional finishes thanks to the different models of slats and colours that we offer.

Their lightness, sleek and modern look, combined with the ease of assembly and maintenance, provide a wide range of original possibilities for interior or exterior installation.

Manufactured in profiled aluminium and the highest quality PVC, they are ideal for giving a touch of personality in private homes, and all types of businesses, office buildings, swimming pools, transport terminals, department stores, etc.



Their aesthetic versatility enables them to be used in all types of spaces. It is a simple design system that achieves a clean and uniform surface by using hidden profiles. The hidden support system facilitates installation directly to the reinforced concrete beams or through traditional suspension systems.


The system is easy to install and align and the slats can be removed downwards, making access to the existing roof space simple. There are a wide variety of installation options.


Our slat models absorb and reduce ambient noise, achieving good acoustic performance.


Any dirt that might appear is easy to remove when cleaning by wiping with a soft clean cloth. Stains can be removed with a mild detergent in warm water. The use of abrasive substances that might damage the surface of the slats is not recommended.