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Folding doors

Giménez Ganga offers a collection of folding doors that meet the decorative and functional requirements of modern construction.

Sajonia doors can be made in lacquered and laminated colours, achieving an aesthetic and texture similar to that of natural woods.

They are simple and quick to install, are specially suitable for living rooms, apartments, shop premises as well as for more specific applications such as caravans, boat cabins or anywhere that requires the creating of a new division with minimal loss of space and not needing any type of bricklaying work for installation.



Design and comfort, adapting to the needs of the space. Lacquered colours such as cherry, beech, oak, walnut, pine or ivory and laminated such as bare pine, beech, oak or cherry enhance the design and comfort of our folding doors, becoming an ideal solution for creating divisions in small spaces.
Accessories and profiles in various finishes ensure they are suitable for different aesthetic trends.


A fast and simple solution for creating new spaces that demand higher privacy and independence; and no type of building work needed.