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Anti-wind PREMIUM 65 mosquito screen

The Anti-Wind Premium 65 Mosquito Screen is a development which allows for ventilation and the passage of breeze while preventing bothersome insects from entering the h

This new model of mosquito screen is designed to provide the calmest environment for any home while resisting the most complex weather conditions.

Peace of mind for everyone

Because if the Anti-Wind Premium 65 Mosquito Screen has one primary goal, it is to provide peace of mind to its users and installers. On one hand, the user will discover a product which guarantees the maximum protection against pollen and insects, while simultaneously providing protection from winds up to class 6.

On the other hand, thanks to its large manufacture size, its easy installation and the technical service that Giménez Ganga offers its customers, installers will see that all their needs are covered from the very beginning.

Making life much more comfortable for our customers

It is entirely automatable, so the user need not make any effort when using the system.

Thanks to the potential for including motorisation and rain or wind sensors, as well as the capacity to create preconfigured scenarios, the customer will be able to make the system work as efficiently as possible without needing to lift a finger.

Innovations that ensure maximum efficiency

With the new Anti-Wind Premium 65 Mosquito Screen, you will also notice how the aluminium profiles are joined together with clips, avoiding the need for screws and making assembly and disassembly easier.

Moreover, since the box has been formed from just a single profile, it only has one opening. Since this opening remains sealed, neither dirt nor insects will be able to enter.


High quality aesthetic

A solution which adapts perfectly to all types of façades and decorative styles thanks to the wide variety of colours and finishes available for all profiles.

An idea that even the most demanding decorators will love, thanks to the wide range of colours and textures that can be applied to the fabrics.

To find out more about these options we would like to invite you to take a look at the Anti-Wind Premium 65 Mosquito Screen.