Alicantina in modern architecture

More and more traditional products that had fallen out of favour and been replaced by other more modern, sophisticated products being adopted again by the worlds of design, architecture and fashion.

This is partly due to the search for new, original solutions and the constant flow of trends, one of the most popular of which is the vintage look. Although in recent years products in the design world had a specific use, they are being used for other purposes.

This is the case of Alicantina shutters a pioneering solar protection product that has become a modern classic.
This type of product, specifically the Ideal shutter, is still popular in its traditional, conventional role on ground floors and big windows in old houses, etc.

But, as we mentioned, and perhaps encouraged by the renaissance air that we have been breathing in recent years, Alicantinas are back in style, which is why Ideal is being put to other uses.
These types of shutters are now being used as a focal point for building different types of furniture, such as chairs, tables, lamps, etc.

They are also being featured in modern, sophisticated rooms, for example, they are being hung on the sides of Balinese beds in chic leisure venues and trendy beach bars. A similar phenomenon is happening with our Krisol curtain which is being used as a shower screen, room divider, etc., which we’ll tell you about at a later date.

In line with this concept, today we want to show you an original installation created by Marcos Méndez and Paco Llopis, of the Cube Group, for a spectacular single family home in Alicante.

50 Ideal shutters have been used to cover all the windows of this home which has no other solar protection systems such as shutters, awnings, etc.

50 shutters with a walnut finish which, due to the warm, natural appearance, are the perfect fit with this design by architect Ricardo Miñana, who wanted to give the project a rustic look and colour to a building with straight lines and clean, sandy tones, for a beautifully balanced aesthetic.

These shutters have not been installed as originally intended. They have been turned into Sliding Panels that slide laterally to protect the large windows. If they need to be removed for maintenance, they can be rolled up easily.

Giménez Ganga, always providing (original) solutions.