The campaign for 2021, a lesson in resilience
After the turmoil that was 2020, Giménez Ganga has decided to start the new year off with the specific goal of presenting some necessary optimism to all its many workers, suppliers and customers.

An optimistic message that arises from the values that this situation has brought to light, a message which is far from meaningless and which focuses on strengthening the trust that exists between the company, its suppliers and its customers.

According to Juan Pascual Giménez, Commercial Director of Giménez Ganga, “the past year brought us extreme situations that required extra effort from us to accompany our customers. I sincerely believe that after all that has happened, we have demonstrated our commitment to service and quality at all times”.

A commitment that, with the aim of maintaining the trust gained through more than 60 years of work, has led the company to put into practice a corporate virtue hitherto unknown: resilience.


Because in 2021 anyone who is able to keep their eyes on their goal despite the ups and downs caused by these uncertain times will succeed, times which have generated an apparently new sensation, which more than two thousand years ago the Romans had already given a name to: Ultreia!

Ultreia! is a Latin expression that refers to the human capacity to remain united when difficulties arise, keeping our eyes on the common goal to be achieved and adapting ourselves to the needs demanded by each situation.

In the words of Luis Mataix, Marketing Director of Giménez Ganga, “we never imagined that a single word could express the accumulation of feelings generated by the arrival of 2021. Now that we have found it, we are going to claim it firmly because we are convinced that to get out of this situation with any resolve, a lot of Utreia is needed.”


The head of the company, Pedro Giménez, added that “we want to send a message to our customers, suppliers and employees so that they are clear that together we will overcome any difficulties that may arise. We are a big family and families always stick together”.


As the chosen claim says, we do not get to choose what is going to happen to us in 2021, but we can choose how to get through it.

Happy 2021.