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A green space for Giménez Ganga

As part of our commitment to protecting the environment and with the aim of repaying society a little bit for all that it gives us, we have decided to start a landscaping project in the El Castillo Industrial Estate in Sax to reduce our environmental footprint and help reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The green space, which will cover an area of approximately 7,900 square meters, will be home to 1,001 specimens of fifteen different plant species that will be efficiently arranged by a professional team of landscapers.

The space uses an irrigation system that minimises water consumption and has the perfect layout for everyone to enjoy 365 days a year. When the project is 100% operational it will be an ideal rest area, allowing those who work in industrial facilities to get a breath of fresh air every day.

And when will it be possible to enjoy this space?

In the words of our Manager, Pedro Giménez, “at the moment we’re not able to set a precise opening date for the space due to the difficulty of foreseeing the evolution in the growth of the different species that already grow in it. We know that nature works on its own time, which is why we see this project as a long-term one that all our employees and visitors will be able to enjoy when the time is right.”

In the meantime, we promise to keep you up to date with all the news about what will one day become the most special space in our corporation.

A space that will reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and make our town a nicer place to live.