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60 years in the blink of an eye

It seems like yesterday that we opened our shutter for the first time and since then we haven’t stopped opening and closing.

We are celebrating 60 years of putting effort into everything we do, beginning and finishing projects and always delivering on our promises.

60th Anniversary

With the same enthusiasm as they day we started and knowing that there is still a lot to start … and to finish.

Because that’s how we start every day, opening the shutter. A shutter that stays open until we close it at the end of the day.

Because we are dreamers with our feet on the ground, we value work and daily effort.

We know what it takes to start and finish projects, opening and closing to keep the pages turning and continue doing what we know best: giving efficient solutions.

Open and close, a simple flicker where smiles, hope, excitement and pride fit perfectly.

Starting each day as if it were the first and closing the day with the same enthusiasm as when we started.

Since 1959 there has not been a day in which we have not closed our eyes and remembered the moment we first started out.

A first moment in which it became clear to us that, with all the enthusiasm of those who put all their effort into starting something great, our mission was to create high quality products to meet the needs of all our customers.

And we achieved it, always without losing sight of our goal, the one that has made us grow and be involved in some very special moments.

We look forward to seeing you in 2059

Celebrate with us